Bill Sr and Bill Jr

Coast Maintenance Supply Co has been providing the New England area with quality Cleaning Chemicals, Paper Products, Janitorial Supplies, and Equipment since 1993. Founded by Bill Sr, the original company named NEMCCO, was started in 1978. The picture you see is of Bill Sr and his son in the warehouse the year the company was started. Bill Sr built that company from the ground up before pursuing new ventures. However, his passion for the industry beckoned him back, leading to the establishment of Coast Maintenance Supply in 1993. It was a few years later after his son, also named Bill, graduated college that he asked him to join the company and help him build this new business. Bill Sr imparted his knowledge to his son, instilling in him a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Their business flourished as they gained a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Bill Sr is now retired, enjoying his time in NH skiing in the winter and boating on Squam Lake in the summer. Meanwhile, his son, Bill carries on the family legacy, steering Coast Maintenance supply to continued success. In an era where corporate giants overshadow smaller enterprises, Coast remains a beacon of personalized service and unwavering commitment to its New England clientele. Their story stands as a testament to the enduring strength of family bonds and the resilience of businesses built on passion and integrity.